H4CK1T CTF 2016: Paraguay – Hex0gator (250 points)


RU: Все Эксперты корпорации “Серебряный Щит” не могут расшифровать перехваченные данные. Кто знает, может это получится у вас?

EN: All Experts of The Silver Shield Project can’t decipher the intercepted data. Who knows, maybe you can do it?



The challenge file consisted of only one file of unknown type. First thing to try is to run the file command to see what we are dealing with.

It looks like a ZIP archive, so let’s try to extract it.

That worked, but now there is a new file at the location ./work_folder/99.

Let’s extract this one as well and look at its file type.

This one is a RAR archive. Long story short, this went on and on, pseudo-randomly switching between different types of archives. A quick Google search showed there is a really nifty Python module that can automatically identify the type of the archive and then try to extract it. That’s the key to this problem. I got the flag with the code below:

Let’s try the script:

That’s it. The flag is h4ck1t{0W_MY_G0D_Y0U_M4D3_1T}.


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