H4CK1T CTF: Brazil – p13c3 0f c4k3 (100 points)


Есть подозрение, что один из агентов центра обработки данных утаивает часть информации. Выясните какие данные скрывает Агент.

There is a suspicion that one of the data center agents concealing part of the information. Find out what kind of data Agent is hiding.


The ZIP archive attached to the challenge contains a ./Docs directory that held several files and directories. First, I looked at all the files to get some idea of what was interesting and what was not:

The Thumbs.db immediately got my attention as these kinds of files say something about the files that once existed on a machine (although they can be deleted now). As the Thumbs.db file has both content that is and is not human-readable, I chose to do a hexdump instead of a simple cat:

Although there were many more lines, the last part of the hexdump contained the lines above. Interestingly, our flag is there!

As shown in the above hexdump, the flag for this challenge is h4ck1t{75943a3ca2223076e997fe30e17597d4}.

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