RC3 CTF 2016: goodtime (150 points)

After connecting, a prompt asking for the flag was displayed. After entering an incorrect flag, it would simply return “Nope\n” and quit. What I noticed after submitting the flag starting with RC3-2016, is that it took the server much longer to respond. After trying it some times more from different machines (also remotely), this behavior seemed to be consistent.

RC3 CTF 2016: Who’s a Good Boy? (100 points)

Let’s start by having a look at the website at the URL given in the description. Then, I saw that another image was requested through an additional GET request to the following URL. As it said that “we’re getting there”, I first thought there would have been something on the other end of the link, which turned out to be a Wordpress website. On second thought, this was outside the scope of the CTF environment, so hacking into there might not be a good idea.