H4CK1T CTF 2016: Canada – 1n51d3r’5 j0b (300 points)


Программист Томми написал программу. Кажется он скрыл от нас важную информацию. Выясните что прячет Томми.

Tommy wrote a program. It seems he has hidden from us important information. Find out what Tommy hides.


The solution on this one is quite simple, probably due to a mistake made by the developer. Still, a simple solution is also a solution.

First, I extracted the ZIP archive that contained the files. First thing I always do is a simple grep. I knew that all flags in this CTF, as usual, have the same syntax, namely h4ckit{flag}. Let’s try to find some stuff:

It seems there is a file called ./parse that contains the ASCII string h4ck. Let’s further investigate:

The output above contains the flag, which is h4ck1t{T0mmy_g0t_h1s_Gun}.


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