H4CK1T CTF 2016: Germany – ch17ch47 (200 points)


Кто получает информацию от агента?

Find out who is the recipient of the information from the agent.


Germany appeared to be another challenge that seems to contain an unintended way to solve it.

Just like I did when solving Canada – 1n51d3r’5 j0b, I started with the easy approach:

It seemes the file ./AppData/Roaming/Skype/live#3aames.aldrich/main.db contains the string “h4ck”, which is likely to be the flag (all flags have the syntax h4ck1t{flag}). Let’s try to get the exact matching content:

That looks like it! The flag is h4ck1t{87e2bc9573392d5f4458393375328cf2}.

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